Special Accordion Event


1-2-3-4 February 2018
Castelfidardo, Italy


The 2018 GORAN ALACHKI Accordion Event, organized by Elke Ahrenholz, has been
designed along the lines of the very successful annual Event, held in Macedonia

Location: 4 star Hotel Parco in beautiful Castelfidardo, Italy
Cost: 880 Euro per accordionist, 700 Euro for non-players

What is included:
• 4 nights lodging
• 3 meals daily
• Sightseeing in the Castelfidardo area
• A visit to the Castelfidardo Accordion Museum
• Daily accordion work / Evening activities
• Some participants can sign for INDIVIDUAL classes
• Final concert by Goran Alachki
• We will focusing on Macedonian traditional music & music inspired from our tradition
and the subject "Accordion in Macedonian music"(small lecture).
• We will explore our Rhythm : 5/8 7/8 9/8 11/8 19/8 with specific exemplars ,
song and dances in my live performances and also I have two short movies to present
(10 min each)
• We will make huge orchestra and we will work group classes. Two hours in the morning
and two classes afternoon. I will prepare in advance the materials...
• Most compositions will be from Goran Alachki´s last cd and book. Every participant will
receive one book and double CD.


A maximum of 50 accordionists can participate
Registration deadline: 15 Dicembre 2018

For additional information or to register:
please contact Elke Ahrenholz This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel 0039-329-0578757, Fax: 0039-071-7822593