Seminar reviews

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Goran Alacki has organized 4 Village Harmony camps since 2010.
Goran is a great organizer and an enthusiastic and welcoming host!
             Mary Cay Brass, USA, for Village Harmony
I took part in Goran’s seminar “ Macedonian Pearl Folk-Seminar” for 5 times and had a great
time for dancing,singing and excursions. Goran is a greatest organizer and musicion.   He has
high sensibility for the society and culture . His sweet tune on the accordion is charming so we
have a lots of great fans of him in Japan.
              Masaru Nagae, Japan

I had a wonderful stay at Goran Alacki's  Macedonian Pearl Folk Seminar, 2015, in Berovo.
The arrangement was so good! I met only nice and warm people. The teachers were good.  
Thank you Goran, for the way I was welcomed, and taken care of! I learned a lot these days in
Berovo . I have really good experiences from my stay at the Pearl Summer Seminar.  And I
would very much like to come again, to meet you, Goran, and the teachers and friends!
              Toril S. Berg, Norway
Goran Alachki has been organizing music and dance Folk Seminars for some
years and goes out of his way to ensure participants have an enjoyable time
while in Macedonia
            Danni Mackenzie, Australia

I have been fortunate to have attended 4 seninars in Macedonia all organized
by Goran Alachki, in the Summers of 2010, 2011,2013, and 2015.  Each
provided a fresh experience of singing , dancing, and sightseeing, in the country
I fell in love with back in the 60’s . This would not have been possible were not
for Goran’s constant and tireless efforts to assure an unforgettable experience.
             David Shochat, USA

Goran Alachki is a visionary and Ambassador.  His musicianship and success
created the prototype Macedonian Pearl Folk Seminar, quest to preserve
Macedonia’s culture. World communities are invited to become acquainted with
the soulful art of Macedonia’s folkloric traditions through dance, songs and
instrumental immersion. Participants return to their home Countries and become
Ambassadors, passionately spreading Macedonia’s rich artistic traditions. My
experience has been life-changing rendering a deep respect for Macedonia’s
unique folkloric rhythms, footwork, accompaniment, and costumes rooted in an
ancient culture.
            Eleonor Gjelstein, Canada